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Unlock the full potential of your consultancy with SmartAgentic’s cutting-edge Overseas Education CRM Software. Seamlessly manage your operations and enhance client satisfaction.

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Discover the ideal pricing plan tailored to your needs. SmartAgentic offers the best Customer Relationship Management tool for study abroad educational agents, ensuring value and efficiency in your consultancy operations.

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Features of SmartAgentic's CRM Software for  Overseas Admission Consultants

SmartAgentic’s CRM is tailored for study abroad counsellors and overseas admission consultants, ensuring comprehensive solutions for better growth. Explore the advanced features of SmartAgentic’s Education Agent Focused CRM platform:

Lead Management

Effortlessly track and manage leads, streamlining your consultancy process.

Application Management

Optimize application procedures for increased efficiency and accuracy.

Student Management

Centralize student information, enhancing communication and support.

Report Management

Generate insightful reports for data-driven decision-making.

Invoice Management

Simplify financial processes with our intuitive invoice management system.

Integrate Your Favourite Applications With SmartAgentic's Education CRM Software

Elevate your operational efficiency by seamlessly integrating your preferred applications with SmartAgentic’s cutting-edge Overseas Education Consultancy CRM Software. Explore the enhanced functionalities below:

Google Calendar
Facebook Leads
Web Leads
Web Forms
Embark on Your CRM Journey with SmartAgentic: Expert Guidance at Every Step!

Embark on your CRM journey with SmartAgentic, your partner for success. Our expertise in CRM for overseas education consultants ensures you receive the best guidance at every step. Trust SmartAgentic for the best CRM for foreign education consultancy, providing unparalleled support and solutions tailored to your consultancy’s unique needs. Your path to excellence starts with SmartAgentic.

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Why is CRM Essential for the Education Industry?

Discover the transformative power of the best education CRM software for abroad education counsel & overseas immigration services with SmartAgentic. Explore the critical role of CRM in the education sector, ensuring streamlined processes and optimal functionality.

Document Management

Efficiently handle and organize documents, promoting accessibility and reducing administrative burden.

Task Management

Enhance task delegation and completion through advanced task management features, ensuring productivity and efficiency.

Admission Management

Simplify and streamline the admission process, ensuring accuracy and a seamless experience for both students and institutions.

Why Customers Love Smart Agentic?

Explore the reasons behind the deep-rooted appreciation our customers have for Smart Agentic. Here are the standout features that set us apart:

Better Lead Tracking System

Efficiently acquire and manage leads, enhancing client acquisition.

User-Friendly Interface

Seamlessly navigate our intuitive interface for an optimal user experience.

Innovative Technology

Stay ahead with cutting-edge solutions that leverage innovative technology.

Personalized Support

Experience dedicated and tailored support, addressing your consultancy’s unique needs.

Proven Track Record of Client Satisfaction

Join a community of satisfied clients who have witnessed success.

Continuous Improvement for Your Benefit

We are committed to ongoing enhancements, ensuring maximum benefits for our clients.


SmartAgentic is a CRM platform that streamlines operations for education consultants. It has an innovative CRM with a unique dashboard that helps overseas education consultants manage leads, streamline operations, and ensure 100% client satisfaction.

Yes, our education CRM can handle different types of visa applications.

Yes, the CRM is scalable and can easily handle your institution’s growth over time.

Our CRM utilizes data encryption, secure access controls, and regular security audits to keep sensitive student information safe.

The website is very intuitive and can be accessed through mobiles for seamless functionality even on the go.

Yes, there is a 10-day free trial option available for our CRM on the website, which can be accessed before making a purchase.

Yes, Smartagentic CRM comes with multi-currency support options to ensure seamless transactions with clients from various locations. However, multi-language support is unavailable at this moment.

Client Success Stories: See What Our Customers Have to Say!

SmartAgentic has been a game-changer for Jupastro in the field of overseas education consultancy. The software’s cutting-edge features have simplified our workflow, from lead management to document processing. It’s an invaluable tool that has significantly enhanced our client interactions. SmartAgentic is indeed the smart choice for consultancy firms aiming for excellence.


SmartAgentic has transformed the way we manage overseas education consultations at Ritam Global! The user-friendly interface and cutting-edge features have streamlined our processes, making client management a breeze. Thanks to SmartAgentic, our team is now more efficient, organized, and ready to provide top-notch service to our students. Truly a game-changer in the industry!

Ritam Global
ritam global

At ISA Migration, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional migration services, and SmartAgentic has played a pivotal role in achieving this goal. This CRM software has brought efficiency, transparency, and accuracy to our processes. From client management to document tracking, SmartAgentic has proven to be an invaluable asset. ISA Migration highly recommends SmartAgentic to fellow migration consultants for a smarter, more effective approach to overseas education consultancy.

ISA Migration
ISA Migrations
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